Privacy Policy

Conduct Guidelines for Privacy Protection

We take the issue of our customers’ privacy and personal information very seriously. Therefore, we have established the following criteria to ensure the protection of your personal information.
We will not use your personal information for any reason other than its original purpose without your prior consent. Furthermore, we will not share your personal information with any other vendor without first notifying you.
We may send you announcements or information about our company’s products and services by email, but we will stop delivery upon your request, if you do not wish to receive that information.
We will respond quickly if there is a request from the customer regarding the modification or content of the information that we keep, after a process to confirm that the person requesting the information is the customer him or herself.
If any third party other than the you, the principal, or a proxy requests your personal information, we will not respond unless we are required to do so based on the law.